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Who we are

Empyrean Merchant Services Inc. provides a full range of reliable solutions that make sense for the bottom line while still custom tailored to your business needs. We provide payment processing services, point of sale terminals, gift card solutions and more. In 2015 we are excited to launch our very own Retail Management System (RMS) with enhanced product features that are fully integrated with our payment processors. We are partnered with Visa and MasterCard so we can provide world class service at the best rate.

What do we provide?

We provide the range of the following services

– Small Business Financing (MCA)

– Gift Card program (GIVEX Reseller)

-Direct Visa and MasterCard Rates relationship

-Customize Software solutions

-Chargeback presentment on your behalf

-Educating on how to avoid Chargebacks

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We fight your chargeback?

On many occasions, Issuer can submit a chargeback against a merchant. To protect our customers, our team have studied Visa and MasterCard chargeback manual, and in many instances was able to reverse money back to a merchant within first 3 days of the occurrence. We encourage our merchants to contact Empyrean immediately after they have received a chargeback notice. We fight and get your hard earned dollar stay with you.

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In today’s economy everything revolves around payments, that’s why it is essential to understand the concepts, and be able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of accepting credit cards. Knowing who can provide the right solution for your business and how much will it cost is utmost important. Unfortunately, in the past, we have noticed that the majority of our competitors and major bank representatives have taken advantage of many small business by offering them the unfair rate and agreement. As a result, many merchants has been overpaying 50% – 80% above what they quoted. Another very important aspect to consider if your company is willing to be on your side and help with resolving any issues you might experience throughout a big journey of processing.

With Empyrean Merchant Services, we have a team of professionals who are dedicated to help you understand and choose the best solution for your business. We help our merchant make taking payments easier.

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I have been in business for 20+ years and have been using a number of different credit card processing company but Empyrean Merchant Services was very different. They take the time to explain the details in contract and there was not hidden clauses. The rate was very low compared all the other processors. We got the terminal very fast.
I definitely recommend Empyrean to everyone who is looking for an honest reliable credit card processing company. Thank you Empyrean… we will be with you for a long time.

Pennie Fong

Restaurant Owner

No matter what the issues are these guys are always on top of it. They are always here to provide my business with the best services, industry knowledge and solved many of technical issues. You cannot find that kind of service anywhere else. Strongly recommend!


Store Owner

I came across Angel’s business card in a restaurant – I contacted her to find out and compared the rates and prices regarding payment processing for one of my business, I was very satisfied with the service she and her team from Empyrean provided – were beyond my expectation and in terms of cost savings, I had my equipment within 2 days. I would strongly recommend EMS for your business as these guys keep everyone happy and deliver the expected.

Dan P.

Our philosophy is to ensure each of the customer are satisfied and happy with us – we pride to build a long term relationship and trust. Because we value our customers – we treat your business liked our own – we are a small business ourselves and pride ourselves on providing you with a great product at a great price with great service.-